About Us

About US

ViraShield LLC is one of the primary distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the United States. Our PPE supplies are the highest quality and meet guidelines set out by the CDC. We help you and your family to shield yourselves from viruses. Our new PPE packs are available to the public for adults and children. Providing highest quality PPE supplies is our priority here at ViraShield.

Our Solution

ViraShield is a new company offering a “boxed set” of all the PPE most people need to ensure the safety of themselves and their family in this “New Normal” environment that we are living in. ViraShield has designed a novel program for a novel problem. Our most likely clients are busy families who need to protect themselves and their families and don’t want to or are unable to go to multiple locations to get the PPE that they need.

Our Advantages

A few of our advantages include convenience, safety, price, and quality. It is obvious that the ability to buy your PPE all in one place with a recurring subscription model is more convenient than purchasing the items one by one. By purchasing in bulk and packaging in the boxes, we are able to acquire our PPE items at lower cost. Finally, we guarantee the PPE items we supply are of the highest quality and meet the guidelines of CDC.

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